Weight Loss Self-Assessment

It’s a great idea to begin the process of weight loss by doing a self-assessment. You need to know yourself. So you can change your behavior and lifestyle habits so you can be healthier.

That means you have to know your triggers. What is that? It’s what makes you overeat for comfort. The following list is pretty common. Read through them and see if they may sound familiar.

*You would like to quit your job.

*The boss is not fair.

*You would like to make more money.

*The head honcho is giving you too much work.

*You and your significant other fight all the time.

*I fell like a failure at work.

*The chief is highly critical of you and your work.

*I have a chronically sick child.

*You have too many children to care.

*I get no satisfaction out of life.

*You feel like a failure at home.

*You are unhappy with the direction your life has taken.

Do any of these sounds like you? Life is stressful and many women/men turn to food as an outlet. The problem is it is only comforting for the moment. Remember a little bit on lips then it goes to the hips.

Now, you’ve just added to your list of triggers. Know yourself, this is the first step towards weight loss goal. Once you know your triggers you are more likely to be able to avoid them.

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