Best Way To Drop Pounds

If you are seeking for the best way to drop pounds keep reading. Excess of anything can easily turn a blessing into a curse. So is the case with sugar. With the ever-evolving scientific research and modernization, there has been significant data to prove that fat is being deemed lesser of the two evils when it comes to a comparison with sugar. There are tremendous health issues that can stem from consuming excessive amounts of sugar and lead to sugar toxicity.

Added Sugar Adds to the Weight Gain

With the advent of processed food and carbonated sodas, the diet of almost every person is taking the wrong turn. Naturally occurring sugars and added sugars are the two kinds consumed by sugar eaters these days and out of the two, added sugar is the villain.

It is a metabolic poison leading to inflammation and a variety of diseases including cardiac problems and diabetes. It has been found that the culprit behind the development of diabetes is weight gain, obesity and added sugar makes sure they fulfill the purpose of making you gain the extra pounds. Especially those pounds around the belly area!

Let me add to this that is not your fault! The world is full of sugar. It is insane that almost every corner has a bakery shop, a juice bar, a crepe shop, a restaurant, and/ or a shop that sells sugary drinks. Not to mention names of places, but you know which ones I am talking about! It seems like there are a variety of items to eat, but at the end of the day, our body digests these things like sugar. I also understand that a business is a business, and if sugar is demand, well like the saying goes: “Supply and demand!” Correct?

Our civilization has used food as a reward of some kind, and sugar happens to be a huge incentive when it comes to rewarding ourselves. Either because it is simply delicious or because it is a pleasure for your brain when it is full of cognitive thinking. This makes you give into that dessert and gives you an instant reward and pleasure to ease your mind.

A Leading Cause of Fatigue

There are numerous reasons which can lead to fatigue and weight gain especially in the belly area, but sugar toxicity tops the list. It is one of the major causes why people feel tired, lethargic, sluggish and languid. An average soda can contains eight to nine spoons of sugar and consuming soda on a daily basis is comparable to harming your own body willingly. Ever wondered how sugar causes fatigue? Okay, we’re here to tell you.

Sugar causes the blood to become sludgy and gelatinous causing the blood cells to circulate rather slowly and impairing their ability to transport oxygen and nutrients essential for biochemical cellular reactions and metabolism. The entire process contributes to making one sluggish and fatigued.

Remember the best way to lose weight for women and men is to consume the least sugar as possible. Don’t beat yourself and start slowly. One day at a time or one dessert at a time. The choice is up to you and your health goals. Change your body one step at a time. Best Wishes!

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